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Wood drying.

    This drying technology enables to stove beams up to 280 х 280 mm and logs up to 280 mm in drying chambers within 15-20 days till moisture content of 16 % and less. Drying is performed here in the soft mode at a temperature up to 45 °С. To crystallize resin, two days before the completion of drying the temperature in a drying chamber is increased up to 60 °С. As a result wood acquires the following properties:
    1. It does not absorb moisture.
    2. It does not shrink.
    3. It does not decay.
    4. It has lower thermal conductivity as there is no moisture inside a cell.
    5. Its specific weight is 400-450 kg/cub. m
    6. Under high heating resin does not bloom to the surface.
    Note: In spring, in summer and in autumn at an ambient temperature of 25 - 30°С the drying of beams and logs to moisture content of 13 - 18 % may be carried out in open air under shed.

Heat-Saving Eco-House.

    Wall structures for such house are made of solid wood dried under special technology to moisture content of 8-10 %. Having made a set of parts for wall structures they are impregnated with bischofite solution in special baths. After such treatment wood becomes fire-resistant, it does not age, does not absorb moisture and does not shrink. Thus, timber does not change its geometrical parameters within the whole period of its use. The living in such a house has a therapeutic effect because aerons of bischofite salts are curative.

Terrace board.

    A unique composition-impregnated "terrace board" has bees made. ПЛП-10 is a curative fire-proof impregnation. The length of board is 6 m. The Impregnation Certificate is available. Such board does not decay (within 2 years a board buried into marsh has not decayed). Such boards are used for sheeting on inside of curative buildings, relaxation rooms, baths, sauna, verandas, bedrooms. In a room coated with such boards no molds (fungi) will appear; such a room is a curative zone by itself.

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